Hidden Messages for 1989

In each of her album booklets Taylor has included hidden messages utilizing randomly capitalized letters to spell out words within the printed lyrics. Each secret message reveals something pertaining to the subject of that particular track. Tay has kept up the tradition for her first pop album and this time has given us not just random clues, but the whole story. 


Welcome To New York: We begin our story in New York
Blank Space: There once was a girl known by every one and no one
Style: Her heart belonged to someone who couldn't stay
Out of the Woods: They loved each other recklessly
All You Had To Do Was Stay: They paid the price
Shake It Off: She danced to forget him
I Wish You Would: He drove past her street each night
Bad Blood: She made friends and enemies
Wildest Dreams: He only saw her in his dreams
How You Get The Girl: Then one day he came back
This Love: Timing is a funny thing
I Know Places: And every one was watching
Clean: She lost him but found herself and somehow that was everything

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Welcome to Pop (Culture)

It's a new soundtrack to the East Coast-West Coast rivalry.

Remember when Taylor told Rolling Stone that a new track called “Bad Blood” is about a "straight-up enemy?" Majority opinion quickly singled out Katy Perry as the lucky recipient of Swift's "angriest" new tune. The frenemies used to maintain polite communication over Twitter and would even hug at award shows, but everything has changed since three dancers allegedly bailed from the Red tour last year to join Katy's world tour. Swift also told Rolling Stone that “there might have been a personal element to the conflict," which would make sense considering both have dated John Mayer. After the article hit the internet Katy tweeted: “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing.” Katy also had dinner with Harry Styles in September raising the stakes to an all out cat (lovers) fight.

Additionally, Taylor appears to have high hopes for her first entirely pop album. Katy's 2010 album Teenage Dream was the second album in history to have five number one singles from one album, the first by a female artist, and I for one think Tay is playing for keeps. After her first single "Shake It Off" debuted at No. 1 she was very clear that "Out of The Woods" was NOT her second single. She notably did not take the same precautions with "Welcome to New York," an anthem that calls to mind Perry's lead single "California Gurls."

Regardless of the fact that I will forever hate the word forevermore Taylor's latest single "Welcome to New York" has become an instant hit.  However, Swift's strength has always rested in her lyrical ability to relate to where we are through her portrayal of detail and emotion, if not exact experiences. If we are to believe that this track portrays her life in NYC then we can conclude that all she has been up to is a string of vague generalities and definitely has not taken the subway. On the bright side, while 1989 (out Oct. 27) may not be "boycentric" it appears that the subjects behind the songs will be as pointed as ever.
R.I.P. 2Pac and Biggie.  
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Hella Good Hair..ry Styles?

Taylor's playing us.

While she has frequently complained of "mixed signals" from suitors throughout her romantic endeavors, she seems to have no issue giving us whiplash. In her September Rolling Stone interview, she names six tracks, one of which she plans to release on the 13th. While she initially claims that 1989 will not be as "boycentric" as her past albums (which, I admit, would be challenging not to be), four (!) of the six songs mentioned in the article are not only about boys but specifically ex Harry Styles. In fact, one song is even called "Style."

All that aside, to clarify regarding the upcoming release of "Out of the Woods," she tweeted it would be  "a new song that I think best represents #1989." Interestingly enough, this "new song" that "best represents 1989" is -- no shock here -- about a boy. 

If Taylor is trying to convince us that her new album will take a more mature, realistic, adult approach to relationships or that she does not sound as crazy as usual (a la "The Moment I Knew"), she needn't deny the inclusion of her favorite topic altogether. I mean, I think we would all hope that her philosophy on love has evolved by now. 

Nevertheless, the song -- inspired by a snowmobile accident with Styles that somehow the world never found out about -- is co-written by Bleachers's Jack Antonoff and describes a relationship where "every day was a struggle. Forget making plans for life – we were just trying to make it to next week."  

The song comes out tomorrow at midnight -- just in time to celebrate Swiftionary's FOURTH ANNIVERSARY! 

Thanks for thinking of us, Tay. 

Note: The angst in this article stems from bitterness over not being invited to the secret sessions. YOU'RE TELLING ME YOU SCOURED THE INTERNET FOR MONTHS AND DIDN'T FIND US!?! 

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