Picture To Burn (Taylor Swift)

Hidden Message: Date Nice Boys

When asked if the victim of her song Picture To Burn knew he was her inspiration, Taylor Swift replied, “I don't know if he knows it's about him. Actually, I think that would be better because there would be lawsuits in order. No, I'm just kidding! The guy I wrote this song about, I didn't really ever ‘officially’ date. We almost dated. It really bothered me that he was so cocky and that is where that song came from. After school, I would come downtown. I had a publishing deal with Sony, and I would write songs every single day, exactly what I felt. I found myself just sitting there with my guitar going, 'I hate his stupid truck that he doesn't let me drive. He's such a redneck! Oh my God!' That actually became the chorus to the song, so that's one of the most honest songs I've ever written.”

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