The Guys

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Drew Hardwick : 2004
Teardrops On My Guitar (Taylor Swift)

Brandon Borello : 2004-Summer 2005
Tim McGrawOur Song (Taylor Swift), Fifteen (Fearless)

Tim McGraw [for Brandon Borello] (Taylor Swift)

Sam Armstrong : Early-mid 2006
Should've Said No (Taylor Swift)The Other Side of the Door (Fearless)

 Cory : Sometime between 2004 and 2006

Jake Owen : October 2006
Sparks Fly (Speak Now)

Stephen Barker Liles : Early 2008
Hey Stephen (Fearless)

Martin Johnson : March/April 2008
Love Story, White Horse (Fearless), Two Is Better Than One, If This Was A Movie (Speak Now)

Joe Jonas : July-September 2008

Forever & AlwaysJump Then Fall (Fearless), Today Was A Fairytale, Better Than Revenge, Last Kiss (Speak Now)

Lucas Till : Mid 2009

Adam Young : September 2009
Enchanted (Speak Now)

Kanye West : September 2009
Innocent (Speak Now)

Taylor Lautner : October-December 2009

Back To December (Speak Now)

John Mayer : Mid 2009 and Early 2010

Bob Lefsetz : February 2010
Mean (Speak Now)

Cory Monteith : Early 2010

Mine (Speak Now)

Jake Gyllenhaal : October 2010 - January 2011

Chord Overstreet : February 2011

Garrett Hedlund : April 2011

Will Anderson : Late 2011

Tyson Ritter : December 2011

Eddie Redmayne : February 2012

Zac Efron : February 2012

Tim Tebow : March 2012

Harry Styles : April 2012, February 2013
Girl At Home (Red), StyleOut Of The Woods (1989), 

Patrick Schwarzenegger : July 4, 2012

Conor Kennedy : Summer 2012

Ed Sheeran : November 2012

Matthew Gray Gubler : Summer 2013

Douglas Booth : Winter 2013


  1. AaaAaAaAaHhh!! I'm am so fanboying right now omg! This page is a miracle!!!

  2. hahaha Ed sheeran's picture

  3. Wait I thought I Knew You were Trouble was about Harry Styles??

    1. Marie, was right. After HAYLOR broke up, she made I knew you were trouble.

  4. Wrong! It's not about Harry, it's about John Mayer - even the guy in the music video looks like him!

  5. Okay the pics of Brandon Borello are wrong. Because if you look at them, she is wearing the SAME white dress in the pics, with the guy with blond hair AND the guy with brown hair. I saw on youtube comments this guy come on and say the blond guy in those pics is Cody, and that is prom 2006, when they went as a group.

    I looked up Brandon Borello on images, and I found one guy who is from Nashville, his name has '05' in it, which is the year when he graduated, and he lives in Brooklyn now. He has short brown hair. Looks a bit like the guy from the Whitehorse video. I think that is real Brandon.