Ours (Speak Now)

Swift has been coy about the subject of bonus track Ours but said in an official statement about the song, “It’s about being in love with someone, and people don’t necessarily think it is a good idea, and everybody’s giving you a hard time about it but you don’t really care.”  The lyrics, Cause I love the gap between your teeth / And I love the riddles that you speak / And any snide remarks from my father about your tattoos will be ignored / ‘Cause my heart is yours, make up the song’s most leading verse. Swift’s Mine video co-star Toby Hemingway may fit, he has tattoos and a sizable gap between his teeth. John Mayer's arm is also covered in tattoos, and his reputation is every father’s nightmare. Though Mayer is almost exclusively tight-lipped in pictures he is rumored to have a gap in his bottom teeth.

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