Joe Jonas

July - September 2008 (Forever & AlwaysJump Then Fall, Today Was A Fairytale, Better Than Revenge, Last Kiss)

Joe of the Jonas Brothers dated Taylor during the summer of 2008. After breaking up with her over an infamous 27-second phone call, she penned Forever & Always, a last minute addition to her album Fearless. In response, Joe wrote the song Much Better, which compares Taylor to his newer and "better" then-girlfriend Camilla Belle. In Speak Now, Taylor angrily addresses her in Better Than Revenge and desperately remembers Joe in Last Kiss. Although Today Was A Fairytale was written during the summer of 2008, she did not release the song until the soundtrack for her film Valentine's Day came out. It is also assumed that Jump Then Fall (from the Fearless platinum edition) refers to him as well.

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