Better Than Revenge (Speak Now)

Hidden Message: You Thought I Would Forget

Taylor doesn’t write much about her female interactions, with the sweet exception of her and best friend Abigail’s coming-of-age tale Fifteen; however, Better Than Revenge defies this habit and is not-so-nicely directed at fellow Hollywood starlet Camilla Belle. The pointed chorus chimes she's an actress/ better known for the things she does on the mattress. Swift hauntingly concludes with, You might have him, but haven't you heard?/ You might have him, but I always get the last word. This fiery anthem expresses Swift’s emotions loud and clear and will undoubtedly force nasty girls to think twice before messing with her or her man. By the time Speak Now came out, Belle’s relationship with Tay’s beloved ex Joe Jonas had already run its course. That guy certainly gets around.

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