Should've Said No (Taylor Swift)

Hidden Message: Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam

Should've Said No encompasses all of the angst expected in the lyrics of a sixteen-year-old girl. A last minute addition to her debut self-titled album (Forever and Always from her sophomore album was also rushed after the album was supposedly complete), Taylor Swift felt compelled to include this song after “something really, really dramatic and crazy [happened]," she said. “I [needed] to address it in the form of music.” Swift based the lyrics on what she actually said when confronting her now ex-boyfriend Sam Armstrong when she found out he had cheated on her.

"Just being a human being, I've realized that before every big problem you create for yourself, before every huge mess you have to clean up, there was a crucial moment where you could've just said no. This is a song I wrote about a guy who never should have cheated on me." 

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