Red in Review

You can add Taylor Swift before wine and cheese to the list of things that get better with age.

We could try to pretend this is an unbiased review, but in all honesty, we just want to talk about how much we love Red. Click the links for the secrets in the songs!

She opens with State of Grace - a risky move for a song so virtually different than anything she has ever written before. Although the sound is not as instantly addictive as her typical style, she introduces us to a more mature side that proves she will be around for a long time. We can't wait to hear it live!

Although the title track Red lacks lyrical consistency at times, it captures the heart of the album in its sound and theme. It is catchy and recognizably Taylor in nature.  

Treacherous is sweet both lyrically and melodically. We li-i-i-ike it.

Taylor goes hard in I Knew You Were Trouble. Her new experiments with her sound on this album are transformational. It's absolutely impossible not to dance (which seems to be a common theme on Red). 

All Too Well provides a necessary biography of what really happened between Taylor and Jake. Now all we want to see is a picture of that scarf. 

Haters gonna hate. But you know you love 22.

I Almost Do not like this song. Although it is not a favorite, we're sure it will grow on us. 

There have been mixed reviews on We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together for months, but if you don't love it by now, at least admit it is undeniably catchy. 

Stay Stay Stay is reminiscent of Ours in the best of ways. We wish Taylor wrote more songs like one! All we're missing is the boy it's about.

Snow Patrol basically defines The Last Time. Although it is very different from typical Taylor, it is gorgeous and emotionally charged. 

Taylor does her best speed-singing on Holy Ground. The sad-reminicing-of-a-broken-relationship-but-still-dancey-tune screams The Story of Us.

On Sad Beautiful Tragic, Taylor provides us with the perfect song to sob to after the worst of break-ups. We'll add this one to our "Slitting Our Wrists With Swift" playlist.

The Lucky One sums up Taylor's biggest fears. We hope she doesn't worry too much - she's definitely here to stay stay stay.

Ed Sheeran and Swift's sounds mix perfectly on Everything Has Changed, forming the A-Team of songwriting. How Taylor makes stalker-crushes sound so wonderful is beyond us. 

Starlight captures sweet young romance through the Kennedy's love story (written before Taylor even had her own). Her voice is magical and certainly enchants us. 

Ending the album with Begin Again, Taylor seems to be requesting that we have a second listen...or more. That shouldn't be a problem after such a lovely first date song. 

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  1. My thoughts are that you are geniuses.