Hey Stephen (Fearless)

Hidden Message: Love and Theft

Taylor Swift’s tendency to include names in her songs is prevalent in Hey Stephen, written for a guy she never admitted she liked. “It’s totally flattering to have somebody write a song like that for you,” gushes Stephen Barker Liles of Swift’s self-proclaimed favorite band Love and Theft. Liles and Swift never dated – in fact they only talked a few times. Swift describes her relationship with Liles as strictly platonic, saying, “sometimes all it takes to write a song about someone is thinking that they’re cute.” “When my album came out,” Swift explains, “I sent him a text message: ‘Hey, Track 5.’ It was so funny. He sent me back a long email saying, “Oh, my God!” Liles perpetuates the sweet talk and describes Swift as “a total sweetheart.” “Anyone would be lucky to go out with her,” he continues.

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