Love Story (Fearless)

Hidden Message: Some Will Find This

Love Story, the first single from Taylor Swift’s second album Fearless, is best explained by the songwriter herself: “At the time I was talking to a guy that my friends and family weren't a big fan of. Usually my friends and family like the guy I'm dating, but they just didn't like this one. For the first time I could relate to the Romeo and Juliet story where the only people who wanted them to be together were them. That was how the song started, and I'm really excited about how far it's gone,” Swift exclaims. “My parents are never going to forbid me to see anyone. It was more my friends – they just didn't understand why I liked this guy. They were like, 'There's something off about him' and, well, they may have been right!" The song retells the Shakespearian story, while of course including Swift’s own experiences and desires. Swift says the last verse describing a perfect proposal and happy ending is purely fiction and only what she dreamed would happen for her two favorite characters, Romeo and Juliet. It was her way of giving them the ending they deserved. Unfortunately for us, her real-life suitor remains a mystery; however, Swift says the song was the last written before the late addition Forever and Always, leading us to believe that this ‘Romeo’ may possibly have been inspired by Joe Jonas!  Another possible candidate is musician Martin Johnson who Swift received pressure to split with because of his bad boy image.

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