Dear John (Speak Now)

Hidden Message: Loved You From The Very First Day

Dear John is Swift’s only track off Speak Now to directly address someone by name. Although many originally speculated that the song would refer to the traditional Dear John letter, she later confirmed that one of the songs on the album used, in typical Swift fashion, the guy’s real name. Her victim is singer-songwriter John Mayer who has known Swift for several years. The two have been linked many times over the last few years in addition to releasing a song together (Half Of My Heart). Swift has admitted that Dear John and The Story of Us share a suitor. The hidden message in the lyric booklet also hints to one of the album’s bonus tracks , reading, “loved you from the very first day.” This leads to the conclusion that Mr. Mayer inspired not one – not two – but at least three songs on Speak Now (though we have a feeling that Haunted is about him too).

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