Taylor's New Tune

Since her relatively rapid rise to fame began Taylor Swift has penned plenty of love songs about boyfriends, friends and even some strangers. She has also, however, been the inspiration behind more than one song herself.

After her very public breakup with Joe Jonas in 2008 and the release of her song about the failed relationship (Forever and Always), Joe quickly responded with Jonas brothers song Much Better.

Taylor also released the song Hey Stephen in 2008, written about Stephen Barker Liles of Love and Theft. He had also written a song about Swift called Try and Make it Anyway that was not included on the duo's second album but the band has performed it live.

YouTube star Tyler Ward recorded a song about his love for Tay titled Tyler Swift declaring his love for our favorite country crooner.

Adam Young of Owl City re-recorded Swift's own song Enchanted, with some lyrical modifications, and released on Valentine's day 2011.

Parachute singer Will Anderson released the song White Dress on the band's 2011 album (also including a song called Forever and Always, coincidence?) saying it was written for a "good friend" who was also a "famous singer" after it had been speculated that the two were dating.

There has also been rumors that John Mayer may have responded to Dear John on his latest album in a song called Shadow Days (it also includes a song called Speak For Me, a bit reminiscent of Tay's title for Speak Now.)

Most recently Swift has inspired The Ready Set to write the song For The Better inspired by Tay's tumultuous love life. Including a plethora of references to Taylor's most recent exploits referencing everything from little interruptions (Kanye) to recent heartbreak (Harry.)
Listen to it here

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